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If you’re looking for a limo rental in Nashville so you can enjoy a night at your favorite concert, then Grand Avenue is the answer. Our Nashville car service is both professional and luxurious, and our chauffeurs are always happy to accommodate your every need. From stocking the back of our cars with what you need to make the evening fun to personalizing our service to make someone feel more special for the evening, we have you covered. When it’s time to hire a limo for an upcoming concert here in Nashville, we have a few suggestions to help you book the right luxury vehicle.

How Many Guests?

The right limo should always have enough space for the number of guests you want to accommodate. If it’s just you and your spouse, you might want a town car or luxury SUV, or you might want to stick with the stretch limo and go for one that seats 6-passengers even though there’s only one of you. If you want to have the best trip possible, be sure there’s enough room for everyone. A six-person limo won’t fit 7 guests, so always be sure you know how many people will be attending before you book your vehicle.

How Many Hours?

One thing you must know is how long you want the limo. Sometimes the concert you want to attend might begin late, run long, or you might decide you’re starving and want to go to dinner afterward. Let us know when you book how many hours you’d like to have the limo at your service, and ask if there is any chance you can book extra time on the spot if you decide you didn’t purchase enough time. We love when our guests are having such a good time they want to use our services a little longer. Most of the time we have no problem extending your service, but the option isn’t always available on a busy night. This is why asking in advance is always wise.

Ask About Cleanliness

We love when our guests have a great time in our limos, but sometimes things happen and there’s a mess to clean up. Our goal is for our next set of passengers to feel as if they are the first and only to use any of our vehicles. We take great pride in the comfort and luxury of our ride, and we want you to ask about the cleanliness of our vehicles. We don’t even mind if you want to check them out before a ride so you know for certain our fleet is nothing short of perfect for you.

Hiring the right limo company means asking the right questions. We pride ourselves on putting the wants and needs of our guests first, and that’s why we never hesitate to answer your questions or take offense when you ask whether our fleet is clean. Grand Avenue wants you to have a good time, and that means taking great care of every minute detail.

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