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Our Nashville limo service is perfect for any birthday celebration no matter your age. We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we’ve learned nothing gets a party started on the right foot quite like bringing together your favorite people into the back of a limo and providing them with first-class service. The elegance, luxury, and the safety our professional chauffeurs provide are second to none, and we love to help you make any birthday the most special occasion of your life. Below you will find some of the best reasons why our Nashville ground transportation is the service for you.


Not every birthday is a public event. Sometimes you want to do something special for the person you love. Our chauffeurs are happy to provide you with your favorite champagne and a treat, red-carpet treatment, and the night of your life. Let us pick up your loved one on his or her birthday in a luxury limousine perfect to transport you to a romantic dinner and anywhere else your heart desires. It’s a grand gesture that leaves a lasting impact.


Groups are fun, but it’s never fun to worry about how your friends and family get home at the end of the night. This is especially true if the party guests are over 21 and plan on really enjoying the evening with dinner, cocktails, and dancing. Grand Avenue helps you keep your friends and family safe to ensure you really do have the best birthday. We take your friends home at the end of the night so you have nothing to worry about. You won’t wake up tomorrow sorry you invited your friends out because they drove home.

Kids, Too

Few people think to hire a limo service for a child, but it’s a lovely idea. Our professional chauffeurs love to help kids feel like a prince or princess for the day with limo service. We pick you up, treat your children like the tiny princes and princesses you know they are, and we’ll be sure to stock the back of our limos with the best treats a child can imagine. Whatever the plan for the day, rest assured knowing our comfortable, safe, luxurious limo will provide you with the kind of memories your children will never forget.

Whatever the occasion, Grand Avenue's professional chauffeurs know you are the most important guest. Birthdays are so much fun, but they’re just a little more fun with a limo. From planning a very special evening to making sure your little ones and all their friends have the time of their life, we’ve learned everyone feels so much happier and more excited when there’s a limo involved. It’s also great peace of mind when no one else has to drive, which makes birthdays even more fun. If you're worried you might not be able to top this year's birthday next year, we can always offer suggestions.

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Birthday Transportation

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