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Travel Hacks: 5 Ways to Get a Room Upgrade at Check-in

Posted on: June 12th, 2018 by grandave No Comments


There are three words every frequent traveler wants to hear when checking-in at the hotel. These words can give a warm fuzzy feeling that makes you want to dance all day long. What are the three words, you ask? You’ve been upgraded!

While this may appear like a once in a lifetime occurrence, it is not. Getting a room upgrade is a matter of knowing how to act and what to say. Luckily for you, we know just that. There is one golden rule you should know before we proceed –  never ask for an upgrade!

So, how do you get that room upgrade? Relax, you’re about to find out.


Look the Part

Getting a room upgrade begins with your appearance. To get what you want, you must look the part. And we’re not talking about just physical appearance. There is also the non-verbal communication which includes poise and posture.

Basically, ensure that your physical appearance and attitude speak luxury before approaching the reception. Then, you’ll be treated as such.


Have a Hook

You can’t get to the hotel angry or bark orders at the front desk. No, that will have the opposite effect of what you want. What do you want? A room upgrade. Consequently, you need to have the hotel agent on your side.

Walk into the reception looking smart and happy. Smile a lot (make it as genuine as possible) and give a lot of compliments. What you’ll get is a receptive agent who is interested in enhancing your stay. This will increase your chances of getting a room upgrade.


Travel During Off-Peak Periods

To understand why you should travel during off-peak periods, you need a basic knowledge of how it works. Here it is. Occupancy is higher during peak periods. This includes summer vacations, during the holidays, weekends, etc. There is also a high occupancy during a conference fill. You can’t expect to get an upgrade under such circumstance.

What you want is a hotel that has low occupancy. Even better, travel during off-peak periods.


Call Ahead

Consider contacting the hotel before you arrive. Start by sending an email that contains details of your accommodation requests and your arrival time. The email should also explain what you’re celebrating and why you are excited about your stay.

Next, follow up on the email sent by calling the hotel, just a few days before your arrival. Finally, bring up the items you emailed during check-in. This is a repetitive measure that ensures you get exactly what you want. Don’t worry, the view from the 10th floor will be worth it.


Suggest an Enhancement Rather than an Upgrade

Finally, you must never use the word “Upgrade”. Instead, be specific in your suggestion of enhancements. That means, making inquiries such as – “Do you have a room on a higher floor?” or “Do you have a room with a view?”


On a Final Note

You have to be realistic in your hope for a room upgrade. Don’t expect to be upgraded to the presidential suite when you booked the cheapest room, that’s not going to happen. Also, you need to really look the part to get the upgrade you want.


Here is one way to look the part, arrive in our luxurious Nashville limousine. Consider booking our Nashville car service as we offer you a fleet of vehicles that shout of luxury and class. Whether you need a single in-town pick-up or international travel arrangements, you can always expect unparalleled reliability and comprehensive service from Grand Avenue.

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