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How to Prevent Jet Lag From Sabotaging Your Business Trip

Posted on: February 28th, 2017 by grandave No Comments

jet lag

One of the most significant challenges people face when traveling to a distant location is jet lag. This is most common when you cross two more time zones during your trip. Your body may still be adjusted to your time back home, but you may need to be awake, eating meals and performing activities based on the time in the new area. Jet lag can leave you feeling groggy and out of sorts, and it can ruin your business trip in many cases. If you want to minimize or eliminate jet lag from the equation during your next trip, consider following these helpful tips.

Choose Overnight Flights

Many people prefer to avoid overnight flights because of the perception that sleeping on planes is difficult. Plane seats are certainly not as comfortable as your bed at home, but sleep is possible when you are fatigued. When crossing multiple time zones, your plan may be to sleep on the plane so that you can be ready to attend meetings when you arrive at your destination. Sleeping on a plane is easier to do when you are already tired, and this is most common on overnight flights. Be sure that you arrange transportation ahead of time when traveling overnight. So, should you need to arrive at your hotel in the middle of the night, you can schedule anytime for a Nashville airport shuttle or limo service.

Adjust Your Daily Habits Before You Depart

Another great idea is to adjust your daily habits as much as possible before you depart. For example, a few days before your departure date, try adjusting your sleeping and eating schedule by a few hours while you are still at home. If you are traveling to the other side of the world, making a complete adjustment to a new schedule within a few days can be difficult to do. However, by at least getting the adjustment process started, you will find that it is easier to adjust to daily activities in a new location once you arrive.

Use Melatonin or Sleeping Pills

While jet lag can be problematic in a distant location, some people find that this issue is enhanced by an inability to sleep comfortably in a hotel. A smart idea is to pack some melatonin or sleeping pills with you. These pills can help you to fall asleep more easily when you are ready to do so, and they can help you to stay asleep for several hours or more. This ensures that your first full night of sleep at your destination is restful and complete.

Jet lag can be burdensome to deal with when you are traveling. In some cases, the effects of fatigue and grogginess may last for several days or longer, and this can dramatically interfere with your comfort and enjoyment while traveling. When you plan ahead and follow these helpful tips, you can more easily overcome or even eliminate the effects of jet lag on your body while traveling.



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