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How to Throw a Great Office Retirement Party

Posted on: August 21st, 2018 by grandave No Comments

retirement party

When a beloved coworker decides to retire, the conventional thing to do is throw a retirement party that sends them out in style. While different offices have guidelines and traditions for their retirement parties, one thing remains consistent – showing gratitude.

There are two approaches to consider when organizing a retirement party. Some individuals favor a formal retirement luncheon. However, there are still a few who prefer a small and lighter gathering. It depends on the choice or personality of the retiree.

Whether you are going for the formal or informal retirement party, there are some things that can make the event exciting.


Coworker Stories

Get some colleagues of the retirees to share some funny favorite moments. To make it even more interesting, consider doing this in “roast format”. Please note that this is only ideal for a close-knit group in an informal gathering.

In a formal setting, appreciation stories are always better. Either way, the retiree will be both touched and surprised by the impact they have had on others.


Picture Slides

Get as many photos of the honoree as you can (between 20 and 40) and create a picture slide. These images achieve two things: almost retired employees will appreciate how the world has changed over the years, while the younger employees will gain an insight into the company’s history. Look through the company’s archives to find pictures, advertisements, and brochures that bring back good memories.



Keep things moving at an office retirement party by introducing game ideas into the itinerary. Think of games that make reference to when the retiree was hired. It could come to take the form of pictures, stories, or quotes. For example, co-workers can name the who, what, and where of the pictures, stories or quote.


Video Collaboration

Set up a video camera in a private area ahead of the party. Ideally, this should be done four weeks before the party so that other co-workers will be able to record their two minutes farewell message to the retiree.

Send the raw footage to a video editor and have them add a title screen, transition, and background music. Not only can you play this video after the luncheon, the retiree can also take the DVD home as a keepsake.


Retiree Gift

Rather than purchase an individual gift, the smart thing to do is to donate to a general fund. That way, you’ll be able to afford something memorable. Form desk ornaments, to beautiful clocks, your options are unlimited. However, make sure it’s a leisure gift.


On a Final Note

A fun office party is always preferable to a formal retirement celebration. Rather than have an office party, many retirees are opting for something more exciting, such as a luxury bus.

This is where our Nashville car service comes in. Our Nashville charter bus offers a fun and luxurious way to enjoy a retirement party. Let Grand Avenue elevate your special day with one of our package selections. Sit back, relax and leave the driving to one of our professional chauffeurs. Why stress about the details? Be driven!

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