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Downtown Nashville Construction- A Tale of a Frustrated Citizen

Posted on: November 12th, 2012 by grandave No Comments

under construction

Did you read The Tennessean today?

There was an article about all the construction on Demonbreun Avenue and the two major street closings. The first is on 10th Avenue South for the construction of the new convention center. The second is right by the Schermerhorn Symphony Center for utility work. Needless to say, this has caused problems and complaints from Nashvillians , tourists and more specifically me.

I think I hit my tipping point with the congested traffic, terrible drivers and awful parking this past Saturday night as I headed down to Bridgestone Arena.

I got off of the Demonbreun exit and started down the road toward Bridgestone Arena. I didn’t go two blocks and I was stopped by a huge orange “DETOUR” sign.  So, I took a left into the Frist Center parking lot and made my way around to get to Broadway Avenue. This would have been fine if it weren’t for the three hundred other cars that were in front of me.  Twenty minutes later, I was able to see Broadway. Hooray! I got to Broadway and tried to turn right. Of course, no one would let me in. So, my Chicago city driving instincts took over and I just got out there. There may have been a honking horn and some sign language thrown my way…but I digress. I got to 6th Ave to park at the First Baptist Church parking lot where I was greeted by a High School aged kid with a farmer’s tan holding a small white sign held that said “Lot Full”. I banged my hands on the steering wheel and headed to another lot four blocks away. Twenty five minutes later, I finally found a lot with a few spaces left and parked.

“THANK THE LORD,” I exclaimed as I pulled into the lot.

I parked and walked over to the parking meter box. I started the process to get my ticket. The digital display asked me for the first three numbers of my license plate. Right, I am lucky to remember my own name most days. So I had to walk all the way back to my car to look at my license plate.

“688, 688, 688,” I repeated this about thirty times so I wouldn’t forget it.

I got back and typed “688” into the yellow box and it told me that the total amount due was $16.00. Really? Sixteen American dollars? I grumbled and put in my credit card. The receipt printed out and I had to make another trip back to my car. I put the receipt on my dashboard and made my way to Bridgestone Arena.

Total time wasted: 50 minutes. 

Here’s the kicker. You may not have noticed but I actually work for a transportation company. I could have called, booked a car and not had to worry about any of this.  I would have been on time and I probably could have even gotten some work done on the ride into town.

The congestion and traffic isn’t going away. The Nashville Predators just made the playoffs (woohoo!) and as the weather gets warmer Downtown will see many more tourists. Don’t suffer like I did. Be smart. Be safe. Go Grand.

-Jason Trotter

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