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Travel Tips You Can’t Fly Without

Posted on: November 19th, 2012 by grandave No Comments

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Airports and business schedules are busier and more hectic than ever, and the frantic pace can wear thin after a while, even for the most seasoned traveler. If business trips are a fact of life for you, implementing a few simple, but effective travel tips can help you be more productive and less stressed while en route.

One of the most common pearls of wisdom handed down by experienced business travelers is to pack light. Many people swear by the old axiom that if you can't fit it in your carry-on bag, you don't really need it. For women, a few simple accessories can transform an outfit, so you can save yourself some space and hassle by going lighter on clothing and heavier on accessories and jewelry. If you're going to pack full suitcases, have a system to organize your items so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Remaining healthy while on the road can be a thorny issue, especially during cold and flu season. It's important to keep your immune system strong and healthy, so load up on the Vitamin C before, during and after travel. It's also recommended to carry a basic first-aid kit with you. Of course, there are countless travel tips for dealing with jet lag, but one of the most effective pieces of advice is to take melatonin; it's a compound that's naturally produced by your brain, has relatively few side effects, and acts to reset your body’s clock and help you get adjusted to a new time zone quickly.

Staying organized can also be a challenge when traveling, and using travel tips that draw on modern technologies can help you save time and avoid frustration. If you're constantly losing receipts that need to be presented to your boss for reimbursement via an expense account, it's recommended that you use your smartphone to take snapshots of them. This ensures you have backups in case you can't find the originals. If you drive to the airport where you're embarking on your trip, you can do the same thing with the airport parking space number or take an airport limousine service. This way when you're bleary-eyed after an overnight return flight, you won't have to wander around the parking structure trying to remember where you parked.

Finally, there are some money travel tips to keep in mind. Many veterans of the corporate travel scene swear by using credit cards as frequently as possible, for two major reasons. First, the less cash you carry, the less likely you are to be a victim of theft. Second, you will get a better exchange rate on currency conversions when you use a credit card than you would if you drew cash out of a local bank or exchanged money at home before departure. You can also look into renting local homes or condominiums instead of hotels for extended stays. They're roomier, more convenient, and generally less expensive per night than most major hotels.

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