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Travel Tips: 7 Must Have Items For Your Next Trip

Posted on: November 19th, 2012 by grandave No Comments

Nashville airport limoA long flight can be uncomfortable especially if you are not prepared with some comforts from home.  We all know to avoid the middle seat and to get to the airport early, but we tend to forget about some very simple items that will make your next flight more enjoyable.






1. Socks– It is Summer and many people wear flip flops, sandals, or open toe shoes this time of year.  Pack a pair of socks in your purse or briefcase so you can slide them on during your flight to keep your toes warm.  This will also add a layer of comfort physically and mentally as you take your shoes off and let your feet relax in a clean pair of socks.


2. Tablet – It sure seams like the space between seats is getting smaller these days or maybe it is because I am getting bigger. Not sure which, but a 13” laptop or larger is nearly impossible to open when the person sitting in front of you has their seat reclined.  Solution:  If you travel frequently bring a tablet like an iPad or Galaxy.  Not only will it fit on the tray table, but it is much smaller and lighter than traveling with a laptop and you don’t have to remove it from your bag to clear security.  Don’t forget the charger!


3.  Apps/Movies/Music– These are must especially if you have #2.  Always be prepared with your favorite apps, movies, music to kill time while at 30,000 feet. The hard part is deciding if you are going to play Angry Birds or work on an Excel Spreadsheet for 2 hours.  If you are traveling with children make sure you have there favorite games and Dora or Diego ready to go.


4. Travel Pillow– I sure don’t see these used very much, but here is the deal.  If you are going to sleep on the plane you need one of these.  The passenger sitting next to you doesn’t want you leaning over onto them during the flight and the flight attendants don’t want to have to slam the beverage cart into you to wake you up when you are hanging over the arm rest into the aisle.  Plus it is very comfortable even though not very stylish.


5. Snacks – This is something that many travelers don’t even think about. Remember most airlines don’t serve meals unless you are in First Class, so if you are good with 11 peanuts and 3 ounces of cola you are set.  Personally I would prefer a Snickers or a snack from home before I will take the stale peanuts.  Keep in mind that the prices at the airport gift shop are highway robbery.  Bring your snacks with you in your purse, backpack, or briefcase from home.  The only thing you won’t be able to get through security is liquid so you will have to purchase the liter of bottled water after clearing security.  In this case you will need cash and plenty of it.


6. Photocopies – What? That’s right. Photocopies! Take a photocopy of your driver’s license or passport.  Store a copy in your checked luggage and keep a 2nd copy in another location that you will not store your wallet or money clip.  If you lose your driver’s license or passport you will be up a creek.  The photocopies will help you with identification and getting these much needed items replaced if lost. 


7. Ground Transportation – Regardless if you are taking an Airport Shuttle, rental car, or Airport Limousine Service be sure to schedule your transportation prior to your departure and have your confirmation with you or at least the contact information for the company you have selected to use.  Many mid-size and small airports will onyl have taxi service as an option on-site when you arrive if you do not have a reservation.

As a shameless plug Grand Avenue can handle your airport transportation in over 465 cities worldwide.

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