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Nashville Limo Services Rental Checklist

Posted on: November 19th, 2012 by grandave No Comments

Nashville LimousineIf You're ready to start your search for limo services in Nashville TN, there's a few points you should keep in mind while doing your research. Surely the number one reason to rent a limo is for the pure convenience for yourself or your guests – door-to-door limo service is nothing if not convenient. But to prevent you and/or your guests from having a bad limousine experience, here's a checklist of things to look for while searching for limo services in Nashville TN:

Limousine Safety

Safety is at the top of the list because it is arguably the most important criterion. It is the responsibility of both the company and the driver to make sure the vehicle is in tip-top shape and is in virtually no danger of malfunctioning on the road. You'll want to choose a limo service that not only makes regular inspections, but also requires that drivers perform a thorough, multiple-point safety check directly prior to welcoming clients on board. Even better is a company that does not allow a vehicle on the road if there is even a slight chance that something may be wrong with it. Sounds like a no-brainer, but not every limo company follows these strict safety standards.

Driver Punctuality

Being on-time in the limo world means being 15 minutes early. It means checking real-time arrival and departure updates for clients' flights. It means going above and beyond to get you and your guests to your destination at the right time, and picking you up again without making you wait. Make sure the limo company you hire has a good punctuality record. Without consistently prompt service, even the most professional limo services are not worth their salt.

Driver Efficiency

When comparing limo services in Nashville TN, it's important to consider how efficient the drivers are. Efficiency means that drivers know the roads of Nashville like the back of their hands. They could tell you at least ten different ways to get you where you need to go, and they pick the optimal route after considering the traffic patterns based on the time of day. Of course, most limo companies use modern GPS systems for navigation purposes. This is of course helpful, and nowadays a standard in the industry, but when it comes to true efficiency, it's no substitute for experience and knowledge.


You trust a chauffeur with the task of driving you around town, but it is all too easy to sometimes forget you are trusting your driver with your private information: who you are, where you are staying while in Nashville, how long you will be there, etc. Sometimes the client is a high-level business executive or a celebrity, which doesn't change the need for high confidentiality standards, but it does make the temptation to spill the beans all the more alluring. Truly professional chauffeurs will never commit this sin. Make sure the company you pick has a good reputation for keeping strict confidentiality about their clients, no matter who they are, and have a confidentiality policy in place.

Client-oriented service

Too often, professional demeanor disappears when faced with difficulty. Usually it comes down to technical issues that do not concern the client, such as traffic conditions or mechanical hiccups. In these cases, it is important that the chauffeur remember the number-one priority: the client. You want to hire a limo service that always puts their client's needs first, every single time. Many an experience with a hired service has ended poorly because of one negative interaction between client and employee; unfortunately, the client tends to remember one such instance over a hundred positive ones. Hiring an outstanding limo rental company to do the job will help avoid these negative occurrences, and leave you and your guests with a lasting impression of excellent service.


What's the point of riding in the back of a chauffeured limousine if no one offers you anything to drink? Or if the AC is blasting too high for comfort? A bad chauffeur will forget to pay proper attention the tiny details that could make an average limo experience an outstanding one.  Look for a limo company that delivers these extras as if they were essentials. Remember: it's all in the details.


Bottom line: All the above points highlight criteria that distinguish the average from the excellent among limo services in Nashville TN. But keep in mind that oftentimes, clients simply want to have fun. A lot of this will depend on the mood of the event. However, if the other aforementioned conditions are met, clients are far more likely to enjoy themselves.

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