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Nashville, It’s Time for Prom! Got your limo yet?

Posted on: November 12th, 2012 by grandave No Comments


describe the image As the temperature starts to rise and the flowers start to bloom, teenagers by the dozens start to call around to price Limousines for their big night out as Seniors. Anywhere from a few people to a couple dozen want to go together as a group to end their high school experience on this wonderful night. However, when they call they can’t believe the cost of a limo to drive them to the dance and back. Maybe they will go to dinner but they all ask, "Why do I have to pay when I’m not in the vehicle?" Or, "Why is it so expensive?" Or, "Why do we have to pay a minimum?" These are all questions that we in the industry try to explain yearly, yet are met with youthful ignorance or adult disdain.


First, let me answer why Limousine companies have minimums for this time of year. Young adults seem to change their minds on a daily basis about what their needs and plans are. Changes from the amount of passengers to the time of pick up to the time of final drop are the norm. Limousine companies have only so many vehicles for all the requests received, and are therefore unable to accommodate each request for a simple pickup & drop at a dance. Plus, the cost of the vehicle to be dispatched for that Point to Point request would be a lot more than the hourly cost due to vehicle prep, gasoline costs, insurance, chauffeur pay, vehicle depreciation and vehicle cleaning costs.

When selecting a company to book your transportation for your prom request please make sure you do some checking around. Price should only be one of the factors that go into securing that transportation. Find out what kind of vehicles the companies have in their fleet. Are they newer models or are they late models that should be retired? Is the color of the vehicle the color that you had requested?

What kind of insurance does the company carry? The state minimum for For Hire companies is $1 Million. Is that enough for your kids' and their friends' safety at such late hours? Make sure that the company that you choose can provide proof of said insurance.

What kind of reputation or reviews does this company carry? Are there negative reviews complaining about lack of service or being late or even the cleanliness of the vehicle? Make sure that you do your research and shop around to get the best deal and most reputable company out there.

For most kids, Prom is a once in a lifetime experience and one that they will hopefully look back on fondly. Their transportation is only one part of this experience but if they receive poor service, have a substandard vehicle or are price gouged, they will definitely have a negative feel for the Limousine Industry and will tell their tale for the rest of their lives.

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