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How To Make Your Wedding Fabulous on Any Budget!

Posted on: November 19th, 2012 by grandave No Comments

Guest Post By: Krista Chapman


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I can't tell you how many brides I meet where the cheery glow of early engagement and wedding planning has been replaced with despondent frustration.  More often than not, they are knee-deep in a budget crisis, overwhelmed by celebrity weddings, expert advice and wedding day must-haves.  How will their dream day become a reality on such a teensy budget?  Worry no more!  You give me your goals, a plan and a positive demeanor and I guarantee a fantastic wedding.  Here's how…


Set your priorities.  I cannot say this one enough… to ensure that your wedding day is meaningful and fabulous from your vantage point, the decisions that you make must live within your value system.  Couples that take the time to narrow down the key elements that will make or break your day are in the best position to spend money wisely and feel good about their decisions.  Brides and grooms on a budget need to make tough choices.  It is a whole lot easier to let go of wedding vendors and services when you have a set list of priorities.  As a result, money is spent where it matters and not wasted where it doesn't.


Plan Ahead.  While most wedding engagements last more than a year, industry insiders are seeing an alarming increase of last-minute brides.  As the saying goes (at least my saying), procrastinators can't be choosers.  Budget or not, fabulous weddings take time, careful planning and great vendors.  Brides that attempt wedding planning in haste will struggle with DIY projects timelines, spend money without proper research and lose fabulous wedding vendors that are booked.  What should you do if you're lacking motivation?  Contact a wedding planner.  In the end, their insider knowledge will likely save you more than invested in their services and they'll keep you on track to wedding day.     


Be an original.  Fabulous weddings are personal and imaginative, expressing the unique originality that is the bride and groom.  Cookie-cutter weddings aside, guests are craving new experiences and personal connections that embody the guests of honor.  Stop trying to keep up with the elusive Joneses and their platinum weddings.  Instead, build your wedding around the extraordinary features of you and your fiancé.  Think outside the box, look for clever ways to infuse your personal history in the details and make your wedding about you.  Not about how much money you spent.


Focus on being thankful.  Seemingly obvious, our society has somehow misplaced appreciation with expectation.  Fueled by Reality TV weddings and an oppressive sense of entitlement, brides-to-be can morph into Veruca Salt.  We forget to simply be thankful that we have the good fortune and means to celebrate in the first place.  Many, many people are not so lucky.  When you focus on all your blessings, particularly finding the true person to which your soul complements, the passing glitz and glam doesn't seem so important. 


Here's to your fabulous wedding!


Krista Chapman is a freelance writer, wedding expert and educator based in Nashville, TN with more than 15 years in the biz. She loves travel, wine with bubbles and the Green Bay Packers. Currently, fans keep up with her daily blog posts at, where you can find advice, planning tips and inspiration related to wedding planning.  Her work can also be seen in The Pink Bride Magazine, published locally in various markets across the state of Tennessee.

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