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Grand Avenue creates a new commercial!

Posted on: November 18th, 2012 by grandave No Comments

Grand Avenue shot a new commercial yesterday!

As our shortest films, commercials represent a time and place in Commercial 3 resized 600our cultural atmosphere and attempt to reflect who and what we are as a group.  Commercials do that more efficiently than any other medium, but require all of the same skills as filmmaking.  I always marvel at what goes into the making of a 30 second spot – the crew, the lighting, the cameras, the equipment, the sound – and let’s not forget the talent.  The talent are usually the last selected but they are crucial to the piece because they are the first thing that most people see and interact with. 

A commercial is a serious brand step and one I don’t take lightly.  We spent a lot of time with scripts, re-writes, more re-writes and even some last minute changes today during the shoot.  It is essential to me that our brand be represented by all aspects in the piece.  Everything from vehicle choice to what kind of shoes the talent wears is carefully scrutinized before approval.  It’s how we ensure that what you perceive is what we want you to perceive.

Commercial 1 resized 600We shot our soon- to- be- seen- all –over-Nashville- and-beyond commercial yesterday in 97 degree weather in the hot, hot, hot (did I mention hot?) sun.  Thank goodness for the make-up lady whose primary responsibility after making the talent look lovely was to mop foreheads and wipe cheeks of sweat.  A special thank you to Randy and Beth Chase for the use of their beautiful home and also to Scarritt Bennett Church for the use of the images outside the church.  Another thank you should go to Bob, Jason and  Jason – the three chauffeurs who spent this sweltering day fully dressed in tuxedo-wear repositioning  vehicles, opening and closing doors (repeatedly, shot after shot), and smiling on the cue of the director.  Oh, and that brings me to the company that has been a partner of ours and produced our very first (and very successful) Superbowl commercial, StagePost Productions.  Thanks to Lynn Bennett, Craig, Deborah and the crew for such a seamless, organized, really fun day.  We love working with you!

Won’t be long before you’ll see the finished product! We’ll post it here and we’ll even post the list of stations where it will be running so you can catch it while you watch your favorite shows!

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