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Going off the Grid?

Posted on: November 11th, 2011 by grandave No Comments

Neat article in the Wall Street Journal about how hotels are marketing to guests these “digital detox” packages which basically means you don’t bring your laptop or smart phones on your trip.  It’s a simple concept, really.  The article states:  ”Typically, they ask travelers to surrender their electronic devices upon check-in. In return, concierges provide them with old-fashioned diversions, from board games to literary classics. (Most, but not all, also yank TV sets and telephones from "detox" rooms.)” 

When hotels move on such marketing packages, transportation is not far behind.  We already offer the opposite of “digital detox” in the form of in-vehicle WiFi, iPads, GPS technology, airline tracking technology etc.  If you’re traveling on business or just want to stay connected to your family while traveling or even the babysitter during a night out, you can.

Makes me wonder what we’d put in place of our technology if we wanted to offer a break from digital gadgets.  What did we used to do in the car on trips before iPads, Nintendo DS, portable DVD players? 

My family used to play the alphabet game.  You had to start with the letter A and look around and find something outside of the car that started with it. Airplane. Alabama license plate, Arby’s – that sort of thing.  Then the next person got B and so on and so on.  I think you’re out of the game if you get a weird letter like “X” and can’t find an x-ray machine anywhere on the road.  Then I guess you win if you’re not taken out of the game? Wow, this story is so riveting I am falling asleep writing it.  Think I’ll stick with technology for now!

What did you when on the road to pass the time in the old days?

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