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Chauffeur Confidentiality = Client Retention

Posted on: November 19th, 2012 by grandave No Comments

Guest Post by Jason Williams


Chauffeur serviceAs a professional chauffeur trainer for a Nashville Limo company, I see “Client Confidentiality” as one of the key areas that many limousine and executive car service companies don’t spend enough time and energy training.  Most companies barely break the surface on the subject of “Client Confidentiality”.  It becomes just a paragraph buried amongst the legal jargon in a chauffeur’s handbook.  While many chauffeurs think that confidentiality only applies to driving celebrities and entertainers, it can really cost your company money!   Here are 3 simple reasons that a livery company should re-visit and re-train on “Client Confidentiality”:

Celebrity/Entertainer Privacy

When asking my chauffeurs for the first time, What type of client is it most important to maintain their Confidentiality?  Most new chauffeurs have an answer that involves celebrities; the real answer I look for is “every client”.    Every single client’s absolute confidentiality is important, celebrity or not.

Although many chauffeurs do get approached by different groups (autograph collectors, photographers, etc.) who pay chauffeurs for celebrity information such as Who, When, Where?  There are quite a few employers that don’t realize their chauffeurs get approached while on the job, how would you handle it?

 Client to Client Privacy

Just because a client is not a celebrity, doesn’t make it acceptable to talk about who or where you’ve driven other clients.  I have heard horror stories about business deals being lost due to companies not reinforcing “Client Confidentiality” to their chauffeurs.  The worst story I’ve heard happened when a lady, who had a unique last name, arrived at the Nashville airport.  The chauffeur began speaking to the lady about a gentleman he was scheduled to pick up in a few hours.  This gentleman had the exact same last name and they were staying at the same hotel.   As it turns out, the gentleman flying in was her husband.  And the surprise of him flying in for their 50th wedding anniversary was no longer a surprise.

 Retaining Clients

All too often, chauffeurs and drivers from competing companies see each other at the same events.  Since we’re all in the same business, we all must be friends, right?  Not exactly!  I’ve overheard chauffeur’s bragging about who they’re driving, how much they tip, and how much business they do with their company per month.  That chauffeur, without knowing, has just given out inside information that would make for an easy sales pitch.  Now, rather than focusing on new business, the sales team spends time and resources trying to retain its own clients.  All of this happens while the sales team scratches their head in confusion as to why their clients are switching companies.


Chauffeur Golden Rules

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