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7 Apps to Make Your Business Life Easier

Posted on: September 26th, 2017 by grandave No Comments


You can’t build an empire without the right tools. And these days, instead of bricks and mortar, you’ll most likely build your empire from your computer. New technologies are everywhere so, it’s crucial to know as many things as possible about the right apps.

We use apps every day to run our limo service Nashville and, like many other businesses, we have a few that we keep coming back to.

We’ve made a comprehensive list of our favorite apps that we use day in, day out.


Microsoft Office

 Almost every company in the world uses Microsoft Office. This is slowly changing, with more people using Google Docs and Mac’s Pages and Numbers but it’s still the industry standard. The Office app allows you to view, create or edit documents on the go. It is very useful when you can’t be at the office 24/7.


Google Docs

 Microsoft Word has held a monopoly on the word processing game for two decades now. At some point, Google had to come up with an answer, and Google Docs is just that. It’s free to use, has pretty much the same functionality as Word or Mac’s Pages and best of all, automatically saves your documents so you never lose work. You can download it on your phone and tablet or phone and create or edit on the go.



 There are countless To-Do list apps out there. Todoist is one of the easiest to use. Organize your tasks for the day, check them off and get reminders when you forget. So simple. Millions of business people rely on this app to get things done.



 Gone are the days when you have a stack of the year’s receipts on a pin. Well, almost. Expensify is widely known as the best of a new type of app designed at making this process easier. Simply take a picture of your receipt and Expensify saves and organizes all your expenses for the year and provides handy reports. It works with both IOS and Android which both utilize OCR SmartScan.


Wolfram Alpha

 Wolfram Alpha is a bit of an enigma in the app world. It’s kind of a mix between a search engine, a calculator and an encyclopedia.

They call it a Computational Knowledge Engine. Basically, it’s a brilliant tool for looking up stock market info, nutritional info for any food, flight details and just about anything else you can imagine.



 Sure, you could use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or even MSN messenger, but Slack is a messaging app designed specifically for business.

You can organize your conversations into subject specific hashtags (e.g. #marketingplan2017).

Great for a professional and quick way of talking to your colleagues.



 Gusto is a complete business administration app. You can manage your payroll, expenses, worker’s compensation, you name it.

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