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6 Realistic Ways to Get a Flight Upgrade

Posted on: January 30th, 2018 by grandave No Comments


There are several ways of getting a flight upgrade. The methods can range from throwing a tantrum to chatting check-in-staff. However, the first question that might come to mind is, why would you want a flight upgrade?

For a larger number of people, flight upgrade to first class, or business class is something experienced only in dreams. The stuffiness of being stuck in the economy cabin can be a chore to most people. Let’s not even talk about the significant difference in the food served. One word answers the question of why you would want a flight upgrade: convenience.

Now that we have covered that part, let’s get back to the subject matter.

How to Get a Flight Upgrade

Outlined below are methods of getting a flight upgrade.

Be Early For your Flight

There is a chance that your flight has one, maybe two upgrades available. You’ll have higher chances of scoring these upgrades if you get to the airport on time. How early should you get there? Let’s start with ten hours before departure.

If you don’t get a free upgrade at the end of it all, no need to fret. Take comfort in the fact that you got to the airport on time. Plus, you can kill time in Starbucks. It’s a win-win situation.

Be Late for Your Flight

Yes, it is contrary to the previous tip. However, take a moment and think, what happens when you arrive late without reserving your seat? In this little scenario, the flight is overbooked. You’ll simply get bumped up to a premium class ticket.

It’s a dangerous game that depends on pinpoint timing. If you are too late, they might upgrade passengers before you arrive. Even worse, you could miss your flight. However, get the timing right and get a flight upgrade.

Travel at Quiet Times

Another method of getting a flight upgrade is to travel during quiet times. In fact, you have a better chance of scoring that upgrade on the days business users are less likely to travel.

For example, on bank holidays, the seats in business class are less likely to be occupied.

Be Loyal

There are times when airlines reward customer’s loyalty. One of the ways in which this is done is through flight upgrade. So, what do you do?

Start by joining the loyalty program of your airline. It doesn’t matter if you are starting at the lowest level or the top, just make sure you get a card for the partnership and you will receive your reward.

Check Your Emails

Here is the thing, there are times when airlines are doing some sort of price slash and they offer a cheap (not free) upgrade to customers. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you are likely to find out about this. Most importantly, if you check your email, you could just find a flight upgrade mail waiting for you.

So, keep checking your emails, it’ll only take a couple of minutes.

Simply Ask

At the end of it all, one of the easiest ways of getting the flight upgrade you want is by just asking. Dress well, smile, and politely ask; “can I please get a flight upgrade?”

Of course, they could always say no. But what if they don’t? Don’t forget, you don’t have anything to lose.

On a Final Note

After getting the flight upgrade you want, complete your luxurious experience by booking a chauffeur service. If your destination is Nashville, consider our airport transportation Nashville. Our Nashville Car Service is what you need for a total deluxe experience.

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