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6 Essentials for the Executive Traveler to Stay Connected!

Posted on: November 19th, 2012 by grandave No Comments

Executive Travel

Executive Travel Must Have's

Taking your laptop or tablet on your next business trip? Don't forget the extras! We're not just talking about the power cord, especially if you're headed overseas — computer accessories you may need to pack include converters, adapters, wireless Internet cards, Ethernet cables, battery packs and, of course, a sturdy carrying case.

Staying connected, powered up, and prepared for your big presentation are vital for executive travelers no matter how long your trip is scheduled. We all know it is nearly impossible to make through a full day on a single charge for your mobile phone. Below is a list of must have's for all executives to pack on your next business trip.

1. Wireless card / Mi-Fi – Airports and hotels are charging more today then in 2007 for internet connections. With the average 3-5 star hotel charging $20.00 per day it makes sense to travel with with a wireless card or Mi-Fi card to stay connected.  The typical monthly cost for a Mi-Fi if $50.00 per month and you can connect up to 5 devices.

2. iPad / Tablet – If you are not going to type long documents a tablet is the way to go to stay fully connected on business trips as long as you have 3G you won't need a wireless card. An iPad is a great option for your next presentation as long as you have Keynote and the correct adapter or you can even use a mini projector.

3. Ethernet cable – There is nothing more frustrating than checking into your room at a nice hotel, sitting down at the desk to review your presentation and check your email, and then you notice the ethernet cable is missing or broken and the hotel is out of stock and sold out so can't change rooms. Pack a small 3ft ethernet cable in your luggage to avoid this misfortune. This has happened to me twice in the last five weeks.  This is one reason I always have a laptop and an iPad when I travel.

Some hotels require you to plug into their high-speed Internet connection using an ethernet cable. We recommend bringing your own cable just in case, as the hotel may or may not able to supply one for you. To connect to a high-speed network, you'll need a network interface card (NIC), which most laptops have already installed. If yours doesn't, you can purchase one from your local computer supplier.

4. Battery pack – If you are like me, your day starts early and you use your smart phone for phone calls, email, social media, and to check the web for flight info, directions, etc. This takes up a lot of battery life so I recommend you invest in a back-up battery pack if you travel extensively. Gaining access to the limited outlets in an airport terminal is like getting a last minute table at a New York Steakhouse.

5. Mini projector – We all know how hard it is to give a presentation on a laptop when your clients projector or TV is not able to connect with your computer. Bring a mini projector that connects to your smart phone or tablet and you eliminate the need for delays while waiting on your clients IT guy to show up and you can even leave your laptop at home.  Most mini projectors will project up to a 60" screen onto any surface including walls.

6. Voice recorder – This something that I see very few executive travelers utilize, but it can be a life saver as well as a time saver when return to the office and need your notes from your big meeting in Chicago. You can purchase a nice pen that also records up to 60 minutes at Best Buy or Office Depot for less than $100.00. Many of these pens will also download the recording into a Word Doc saving time and ensuring accurate notes for follow up.

Bonus Tip – Select an executive car service that has Wi-Fi or iPads in the vehicle. Many limousine and sedan services such as ours provide these services at no additional charge. Most sedan services will have these tablets set up with apps for local restaurants, weather, flight tracking, etc that can come in very handy in unfamiliar cities.

What are some of the essentials you travel with?  Let us know if we forgot any items you think should be added to the list.


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