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5 Ways to Fight Travel Fatigue

Posted on: May 22nd, 2018 by grandave No Comments


As a business executive who travels a lot, the concept of flight dysrhythmia is not new to you. It’s just a fancy word for jet lag. You are also familiar with the symptoms that go with it, which include loss of appetite, insomnia, depressed mood, mental fuzziness, stomach upset and fatigue.

Here is another thing you probably already know, the intensity of your jet lag increases with distance covered. That means, the farther you travel, the worst your jet lag will likely be. Why is this so, you ask?

The reason is fairly simple, your internal body goes out of sync with your external environment anytime you cross a time zone. So, imagine what happens when you cross two, maybe three time zones. You get the picture, right?

Now, add travel fatigue to the jet lag and you have a level of exhaustion that can only be imagined. But, what if you can avoid all the stress?

You can curb travel fatigue and jet lag through some simple tricks, leaving you fresh and stress-free after your travels.

Outlined below are few tricks to that’ll help prevent travel fatigue:


Be Proactive

Get ahead of your travel fatigue by attending to your body’s needs during your trip. This can include drinking lots of water or eating a healthy snack (e.g. Apple, Carrot, etc.). Also, stay away from coffee or alcohol before your trip.

Now, when on the plane, stick with your destination’s time zone. That’s right, use the sleep time too. After reaching your destination, take a shower in the morning and another in the evening. Continue to rehydrate.


Get a Bottle of Melatonin

According to researchers, melatonin can help overcome jet lag by regulating the circadian system. Furthermore, it is known to promote sleep, which is the most popular problem experienced by frequent travelers.

Taking 0.5 to 5 mg of melatonin within three of hours of bedtime in your future destination will help your body adjust faster. Of course, this is ideal provided the time zone difference is not too much.


Structure Your Caffeine Consumption

Here is the problem with jet lag; while it may be difficult to sleep at night in your new destination, it is even more difficult to stay awake during the day. This is where caffeine comes in. Sip green tea to alleviate daytime sleepiness and re-sync your circadian rhythm.

When you combine this with your nighttime melatonin, you should wake up well rested.


Plan your Exposure to Light

The trick is to avoid light during the time your body thinks is the middle of the day and expose yourself to light during the time your body thinks is the middle of the night. That sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Now, take a deep breath and read it again.

This is an effective way of tricking the timing of your internal clock into adopting the new time zone, rather than getting stuck with the old.


Consider the Length of Your Stay

Since you already know how resistant to change your internal clock is, you have to consider how long you intend to stay. It’ll be ill-advised to change your rhythm to one-time zone only to return home the next day to change it again.

In that case, it’s just better to live in the new time zone as if you were at home.


On a Final Note

Another way of curbing travel fatigue in your travel is to book our Nashville car service. Our comfortable Nashville airport shuttle will ensure you have the most stress-free ride from the airport. And when you’re leaving, we’ll be there to pick you up.

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