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5 Party Themes That Are Sure to Be a Hit

Posted on: September 11th, 2018 by grandave No Comments

themed party

You are in charge of organizing a themed party, and you’re thrilled about it. There is just one small issue – most of the popular party themes have been done in the past years. You need something fresh and exciting.

Your options of party themes are endless, from the weirdly eccentric to the truly magical ones, you simply need a little imagination and a burning desire to have fun. Some of the party themes outlined below can help inspire a desire to have fun. These are five party themes that are sure to be a hit.


A Recession Dressing Party

This begins with the idea that is inspired by a recession. Everyone attending the party is not allowed to wear an outfit that costs more than $10. If this figure doesn’t suit you, pick a more suitable one, but make it as challenging as possible.

To make it more exciting and ensure no one goes is dressed in Versace, have the guests attach their receipt to each item clothing item they have on.


I Shouldn’t Be Here Party

This is one party theme that’ll have your guests thinking out of the box and inspire them to come up with something interesting. How does this work, you ask? Simple, the guests have to come to the party dressed in anything, except the actual party wears.

It could include a scuba gear, sportswear, nightclothes, etc.  You get the idea, don’t you? It’s a party theme that’ll get your guests’ creative juice flowing.


Graffiti Party

Speaking of creative juice, an artistry party theme is another one to consider. This is exactly what a graffiti party offers. Here is how it works. First, have your guests arrive in a plain white clothing that can serve as a blank canvas.

Next, provide a wide variety of colored fabric markers. As the party progresses, the guests can paint each other to create a crazy array of human artworks, maybe even create a masterpiece.


Letter Party

If the party is an annual or monthly thing, one way to keep it interesting for a long time is to organize a letter-themed party. What does this mean? Well, it begins with you picking a letter of the alphabet, between A and Z. The selected letter would be the party theme.

For example, if the chosen letter was A, guests will have to dress up in outfits that are related to the letter, e.g., Alligator. Also, the foods and drinks must be connected to the letter too.


Olympic Party on The Road

This party theme is perfect when you want to take the party on the road. It involves the guests dressing up in their favorite Olympic team costume. You have to be creative with this, there are many sports in the Winter and Summer Olympics and loads of countries to pick from.

Next, decorate the bus in the flag color before moving the party on the road. There is just a question of how to get the perfect party bus for this occasion. Consider booking our Nashville car service and get the party to the next level. Grand Avenue offers the best ground transportation Nashville residents and tourists can rely on.

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