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Duty of Care

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We are a limo company that strives to create unmatched customer experience in our industry. We do so by providing exemplary passenger care model and strict adherence to the standards of excellence. The principle of Duty of Care guides us in shaping some of our best practices. We at Grand Avenue consistently comply with these checks and balances set by the principle differentiating ourselves from many transportation companies.

As a leader in the transportation industry, Grand Avenue believes that the only way of gaining and keeping customer loyalty and trust is through the provision of superior passenger experience consistently; and that is what we do. We don't operate on guesswork. We politely invite you to travel with us and experience our excellent service and high standards. We look forward to having you as a trusted travel partner at all times.

Our pride lies in our luxurious and Well-maintained Fleet

Our fleet comprises of several late-model luxury vehicles that you will enjoy traveling in. Grand Avenue takes pride in providing customers with an impressive experience that includes a comfortable ride in a state-of –the art vehicle. Each luxury vehicle is well maintained in and out and kept in a fantastic condition by an experienced team of experts at all times. To ensure that our customers enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride all the time, we do away with vehicles once they show any signs of wear or develop persistent operating issues. All of our cars are subjected to both local and state regulations governing registration, inspection and required markings.

Grand Avenue promise nothing but privacy

We understand that it is our mandate to protect your information and data. As a result, we have put in place a secure online platform that is constantly updated by our team of experts to protect it against any form of known vulnerability. You can trust us with your information because we value it just the way you do. All the stages of data collection from the transmission to the storage are well secured and safe.

Comprehensive and liability insurance

We maintain essential coverage to fulfill all local and state regulations. Our chauffeurs have been trained to follow a strict set of standards and procedures to ensure the safety and security of our customers. All of our chauffeurs carry liability auto insurance with high limits. Also, Grand Avenue has additional coverage to give you peace of mind that, whatever the circumstance, your needs will be taken care of.

Professional and Experienced Chauffeurs

At Grand Avenue, chauffeurs undergo an intense series of personal and professional development to make sure that they are the best at what they do. We make sure that anyone who chauffeurs our customers is trustworthy, experienced and dedicated to providing the best experience possible. All of our chauffeurs have a minimum of two years experience as commercial chauffeurs and have no previous criminal record. These professionals are committed to delivering the best quality of service and meeting the high expectation of our clients.

Talk to Us

We value your feedback and opinion as we look forward to serving you better every day. We provide our customers with satisfaction and driver-rating survey forms to help us know how your ride was. We encourage all our clients to fill the surveys and return them to us so that we look for ways of serving you even better on your next ride.

We value our customers

Grand Avenue intends to provide you with a luxurious, comfortable, safe ride today. Book a trip with us today and experience the difference.

We thank you for considering us as your trusted option for all of your travel needs.